Website User Tutorials for DIY Edits

DIY You Can Actually Do

Edit Your Own Website (Actually!)

Learn to edit the text and imagery on your website so you can keep your content fresh, engaging, and accurate at your discretion.

Content Management Tutorials

basic DIY that you can actually do.

If you’re a blogger adding regular content for your readers or an artist or other professional adding new projects to your portfolio regularly, being a little more hands-on might be the most practical choice for your users and your budget.

If you’re a business with regularly changing products, services or special offers, it might be more beneficial to your budget and your processes to learn a few tricks of the trade that will benefit you long-term.

Update Standard Website Text & Imagery

the basic stuff
$300 60-minute session

For the determined and confident, learn to edit your own website text and imagery. We dole these tutorials out with a bit of caution and tend to reserve DIY for the truly needy and capable. *If “capable and confident” doesn’t sound like you, ask Komodo Media to add a monthly service to your web maintenance, and we’ll make edits for you as needed, starting from $70/month.

Add, Edit & Manage Blogs/Portfolios/Events

add, edit & more
$300 45 minutes + tool recommendations

Blogs, Portfolios and Event Calendars should always be kept up-to-date for maximum value. Manage your own content updates by learning how to add new items, and edit or remove existing ones along with best practice tips for formatting new content and optimizing imagery.

*komodo media web design clients only