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Komodo Media can help you put your website to work with Search Engine Optimization services, Website Updates & Upgrades, Content Writing, Google Integration,  and Tutorial Sessions to help you manage your own website content. Choose one-off or recurring service options.

Content Writing

the most important component of your website

No matter your industry or who built your website, we’ll write you original and SEO-driven content to win you more searches and more customers.

But Why?

A lot of people think they’ll just “write their own content” to save money. Until they realize they aren’t writers, they don’t know how to write SEO-driven content and they don’t have time. On the flip side, your content is actually one of THE most important aspects of your website and should 100% be handled by a professional.

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Get original, SEO-driven content for any website – whether you’re an existing client or not. Contract individual blog and page content OR get a recurring monthly service for a stream of fresh content. Pricing & bundled discounts based on content length with options for CMS uploads & Meta Data and Imagery.

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