SEO, Content Writing & More

Hourly Rates for Custom Services @ $140/hr


Search Engine Optimization. It’s not that scary.

But Why?

You don’t just want your website to be a pretty face. Put it to work! By optimizing your website for search engines, you can increase your chances of getting found in search results which can help you generate more leads.

SEO Assessment Report

optimize your website
$150 per report

We’ll perform a comprehensive assessment of your website to make recommendations and suggestions for improvement to help you rank higher for relevant searches.

SEO Modifications

for WordPress & Shopify websites
$140/hour 1 hr minimum

If you already know you need help with your SEO or if you’ve just gotten a report back that requires some action, we can make these modifications for you.

SEO Consulting

for WordPress & Shopify websites
$140/hour 1 hr minimum

If you have a specific SEO goal in mind and you need someone who can answer questions and help you formulate a plan, consult with Komodo.

Content Writing

No matter your industry or who built your website, we’ll write you original and SEO-driven content to win you more searches and more customers.

But Why?

A lot of people think they’ll just “write their own content” to save money. Until they realize they aren’t writers, they don’t know how to write SEO-driven content and they don’t have time. On the flip side, your content is actually one of THE most important aspects of your website and should 100% be handled by a professional.

Website Content

we LOVE writing
$450 & up

Get up to 600 words of original, SEO-driven content for any website. Komodo will conduct a 60-minute interview and then write up your content. You’ll have a chance to make revisions & then it’s all yours! We’ll even suggest the appropriate heading tags to be used on your website.


one search engine to rule them all

But Why?

“Just Google it,” says everyone.

Google Business Setup

show up in google maps
$150 full setup & verification

A big component of search engine optimization is making Google happy while remembering that Google wants to make users happy. Having a Google Business profile is beneficial for both and we HIGHLY recommend that you have one. We’re happy to create one for you.

*discount for existing web clients – just ask!

Google Analytics Setup

monitor your performance
$150 setup & mini tutorial

Gather data about your website to identify where your site needs work. We’ll set up your account, integrate it with your website and then show you how to access it to spot basic trends. OR we can do the trendspotting for you with a recurring SEO plan – just ask!

*komodo media web design clients only

Gmail Setup

powerful e-mail & sharing tools
$120 setup & mini tutorial

We’ll only recommend this for you if we think it’s right for your goals, but a lot of the time Gmail can be a great tool for business owners – not the generic one, but the one that’s Ask us to find out if Gmail is right for you.

*komodo media web design clients only


Necessary Evil? Maybe.

But Why?

Depending on your industry and your customer base, social media can be a great tool for getting your brand seen by potential customers – plus, it’s great for assisting with search engine optimization efforts.

Social Media Management Campaign

recurring, monthly
$150 & up

Unsure about social media? We help you figure out if it’s worth your time & effort. If the shoe fits, we can help you create a new business page or manage an existing one to boost your SEO and improve your visibility online. We can advise you on best practices so you can implement them yourself, or we can do it for you. From brainstorming new content to posting status updates, creating original imagery, running ads & more.

*komodo media web design clients only

D.I.Y. Website Editing Tutorials

But Why?

If you’re a blogger adding regular content for your readers or an artist or other professional adding new projects to your portfolio regularly, being a little more hands-on might be the most practical choice for your users and your budget.

If you’re a business with regularly changing products, services or special offers, it might be more beneficial to your budget and your processes to learn a few tricks of the trade that will benefit you long-term.

Edit Basic Text & Imagery

the basic stuff
$300 60-minute session

For the determined and confident, learn to edit your own website text and imagery. We dole these tutorials out with a bit of caution and tend to reserve DIY for the truly needy and capable. *If “capable and confident” doesn’t sound like you, ask Komodo Media to add a monthly service to your web maintenance, and we’ll make edits for you as needed, starting from $70/month.

Add, Edit & Manage Blog Posts

add, edit & more
$300 45 minutes + tool recommendations

Blogs can be a great way to engage with users and improve your SEO – but only if you keep them up-to-date! Get the rundown on running your blog by learning how to add new posts, and edit or remove existing ones along with best practice tips for formatting new content and optimizing imagery.

*komodo media web design clients only

Add, Edit & Manage Your Portfolio

update your work
$340 45 minutes + 1 custom portfolio template

Need the freedom to add, edit, or remove portfolio items to keep your accomplishments or project showcases up-to-date? We’ll show you the ropes. Learn to add new items and edit or remove existing ones.

*komodo media clients only

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