Event Website Web Design Package

Organize Your Event and Spread the Word

Get Up and Running Fast

The Event Package will get you up and running fast so you can start spreading the word, organizing your information, and creating hype for your event.

What You Get

from $500 + hosting/domain

1 Page Responsive Website

Jump Navigation x6

Get a dynamic landing page with a responsive layout that will adapt to any device and screen size, from mobile phones to tablets, laptops and desktops. Scroll and browse with a menu bar that lets your customers jump to different sections on the page.

Add More Pages

from $250/Page

Add more pages to your event website as needed, each with a unique and completely custom layout. *With the addition of pages, Jump Navigation will be substituted with a traditional menu.

Downloadable PDFs x3

Add PDF Forms to Your Site

Let your users download PDF forms for things like registration, waivers, admission forms, checklists and more. Additional PDFs $20/each.

Content Optimization

Submit Your Own Text

You provide your content and I’ll proof read it and optimize it for you. I’ll even organize it as needed and make suggestions for content to add or modify if needed.

Image Optimization x10

Submit Your Own Photos

Share up to 10 photos and I will optimize them for the web, including renaming, resizing, compressing, and cropping as needed.

Social Media Links

Stay Connected

Include links to unlimited social media platforms to help your customers find out more about your business, your services, and your products.

Add an Event Calendar

from $300 Need to include several activities or sub-events within your event website? Add a calendar! Depending on your needs, I can add the events for you or provide you a tutorial so you can add them yourself.

Add a Registration Form

Free Sign-up and Paid Registration Options

Add a digital and interactive form to your website that users can fill out directly online so that their responses can be recorded and emailed to the organizer. Costs Vary.

Event Web Design Package Terms & Conditions

Terms apply to all packages after November 2018 unless otherwise specified in writing in your individual proposal.

Website Ownership – With all Event Page websites, you’ll always own the original text and imagery* content that you provide, but you won’t actually own the backend components of the design itself. This just means that you can’t move the website itself to another host and you can’t use another web designer to make edits, but you can take your content with you and use it however you like.

*All text, whether written by you or optimized by Komodo Media, will be yours to keep, however you will not have access to any custom graphics or images supplied by Komodo Media – only the imagery you supply will be yours to keep.

Website Development – You can continue to add more pages, content, features, calendars, blogs or portfolios, shopping carts & more.

Removing Your Website From the Web – When your event is finished, you may want to take your website offline. You can do this yourself via your dashboard, or I can care of that for you for a modest fee.