Frequently Asked Web Design Questions


Questions about websites, e-mails or hosting? We’ve got some info & recommendations!

General Web Design Questions

Can I choose which CMS you use for my web design i.e. Wix, Squarespace etc.

Nope, sorry. Komodo is a control freak and because of that, we ONLY build WORDPRESS websites. For every single website buildout. No exceptions.

Why? Because WordPress is a completely customizable and exceptionally powerful platform and the possibilities are endless, so we can pretty much build you anything you need. And the associated costs of dreaming big on WordPress are far more reasonable when you don’t have to pay monthly for every single feature you want to use.

I have an existing WordPress website. Can you update it for me?

Well, not really. If by ‘update’ you mean completely rebuild your website using an existing WordPress platform, sure. But we don’t do partial updates, even if you use WordPress. Our specialty is building new websites because we can control all of the most important factors that give websites a pretty face AND make them smart enough to be friends with Google.

Chances are, if you need ‘a bunch of stuff changed’ because your site ‘hasn’t been updated in a couple of years’ – you’re probably better off with a brand new website!

Why does the Business Package only have 4 pages?

Because that’s generally all the average business needs. Yes, sometimes if you’ve got a larger business or an e-commerce site, more pages can be necessary, but for most businesses, we can fit in all of the components you want while keeping the navigation simple and the user experience more engaging. Some folks tend to think you need a page for everything – testimonials, photo galleries, random extras. We think most of that stuff can be showcased better with a dynamic design that engages users and creates a more seamless experience.

But of course, we can build a website with as many pages as you want, it’ll just cost a little extra.

Your websites seem expensive. Why? You think you're extra special?

Here’s the thing, you get what you pay for. And sometimes, you get a little extra if someone’s feeling generous. To be honest, our Quick Launch Landing pages are pretty generous. And our Business Websites are a bargain too, for all of the work that goes into them in the beginning, and all of the work they do for you in the long run.

That’s because Komodo websites aren’t just creative & professional LOOKING. They PERFORM. Whether the emphasis is on user experience for a memorable landing page, showing up in Google searches or winning new customers over competitors – or all of the above and then some, we make sure whatever we deliver is going to achieve your goals.

If we don’t think we can help you achieve your goals, we won’t take the job. End of story.

Money sucks, but we all gotta eat. Groceries ain’t free and I ain’t no hunter-gather, I gotta get paid!

Hosting & Domain Registration

Why do I need 'hosting' and what the heck is it?

There are so many analogies for this, but basically, you have to have hosting because you need somewhere to store and share all of your files on the web! There’s no way around it. No matter who builds your website, which company or platform you use – there’s a host involved. It’s kind of the block of land you buy before you can build a house. You need somewhere to put all your stuff!

If I already have hosting and a domain, can you just build my website?

Well, not really. Think of your website like a house. Would you build a million dollar house on a sink hole or would you spend a little extra to get the foundation right first?

If you use Panthur in Australia or Dreamhost in the USA, then YES, we can ‘just’ build your website. But if you use GoDaddy, Crazy Domains or any other sketchy hosts, we’ll require you to change providers to move forward with a web design project. Sounds harsh, but it creates too many problems for us when we build a website through a host we don’t know, or worse, a host we don’t like. Sorry! That’s just some tough love right there.

What's the best hosting company for a website or e-mail in the USA?

Need a Website or E-mail Host in the USA?

We Use Dreamhost!

As current customers of Dreamhost ourselves (for 9 years and counting!), we personally recommend that all of our new customers in the United States use Dreamhost too. Fair prices, good support, great service.

There are several service plans to choose from, but we recommend the Dreamhost Shared Unlimited Plan that includes a free .com domain and e-mail hosting. It’s less than $100 per year and great value.

What's the best Australian hosting company for a website or e-mail?

Need an Australian Website or E-mail Host?

Komodo Media Uses Panthur!

Komodo Media LOVES Panthur. Great support, great services, and they’re Australian, of course! For just $115/yr AUD, the Panthur Economy Advanced Plan offers all of the options you need to run a professional website, including e-mail and domain registrations.

If you plan on working with Komodo Media, you kinda hafta use these guys, so signing up will save you a step later!

What's the best place to buy a domain name in the USA?

Want to Buy a Domain Name in the USA?

We Trust the Dreamhost Registrar

You can buy a domain name pretty much anywhere, but not all registrars are created equal. We recommend buying a domain name from Dreamhost, because their prices are fair and we love how easy it is to bundle with their hosting service too! If you already have a domain name you love, Komodo Media can help you transfer it to Dreamhost.

What's the best place to buy an Australian domain name?

Want to Buy an Australian Domain Name?

We Trust Panthur

You can buy a domain name pretty much anywhere, but not all registrars are created equal. We recommend buying a domain name from Panthur, because their prices are fair and we love how easy it is to bundle with their hosting service too! If you already have a domain name you love, Komodo Media can help you transfer it to Panthur.

ProTip: If you plan to purchase a domain, just make sure you have an active ABN! Australia reserves extensions specifically for Australian business owners, so you have to have an ABN no matter which provider you purchase from.

General Questions for Komodo

So ... where exactly is your business.

Komodo Media is actually comprised of TWO businesses: Komodo Media LLC (in the USA) & Komodo Media (in Australia). Though we service clients across the USA and throughout Australia, we are based in St. Petersburg, FL (sometimes Ogdensburg, NY) and Margaret River, respectively.

It’s kind of a long story, but basically we kinda live in both places and travel back and forth a lot for family reasons. That’s the beauty (and the reasoning) of having a digital profession!

How many employees do you have?

Employees? LOL.

I’m a lone wolf, and I work my ass off. If I can’t handle your project myself, I won’t accept the job. I’m not afraid to say NO if it’s not a good fit. If I offer to work with you, it’s because I can deliver. Ain’t no shame in my game, I like flying solo.

Do you have an office?

Depends on when you ask.

I go back and forth between Australia and the USA regularly. I own a home in Margaret River where I have a home office and sometimes use a commercial space. Stateside, I visit my clients on location, from Florida to New York to Colorado to California. Depending on where you’re located, we’ll pick a place to meet in person or we can go digital, which is surprisingly effective!

More Burning Questions?

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If you’ve got questions about setting up your online empire, give us a call. We offer free consultations as well as full service audits starting from $200, including SEO recommendations & more.