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The short answer here is, mostly yes!*  You will always own your domain & hosting – which means you can fully control the most important part of your site. You’ll also own all of the written & visual content you provide, plus any written content provided by KM. This may not always be the case with images supplied by KM though. Sometimes to keep the visuals provided, you’ll be subject to extra costs to transfer rights because KM uses fully licensed imagery only (meaning I don’t steal stuff from the internet – I pay for images by purchasing usage licenses through KM).

What You Don’t Own From the Get Go: The technical aspects of most designs aren’t “yours” by default. Instead, in order to get everything transferred over and licensed to you as an individual or to another web designer in the future, there would be some additional costs. Ultimately the goal of KM is not to “withhold” anything from you in that kind of scenario, but I still need to protect my reputation and mitigate costs should you decide to stop collaborating with Komodo Media.

For example, let’s say you stop working with Komodo Media for your annual maintenance but you want to keep making edits yourself, or you want to have another web designer take over, and/or you wanted to transfer the website itself to another host, then you would need to pay additional costs to transfer the design licensing or you would lose the code actually associated with the design & functional elements.

There are several technical and financial reasons for all of this, but I also want to protect our own hard work and generally make sure everyone is playing by the rules.

*Does not apply to any websites designed before November 2018.

Nope, sorry. Komodo is a control freak and because of that, we ONLY build WORDPRESS websites. For every single website buildout. No exceptions.

Why? Because WordPress is a completely customizable and exceptionally powerful platform and the possibilities are endless, so we can pretty much build you anything you need. And the associated costs of dreaming big on WordPress are far more reasonable when you don’t have to pay monthly for every single feature you want to use.

Well, kind of but not really. If by ‘update’ you mean completely rebuild your website using an existing WordPress platform, sure. But we don’t do partial updates, even if you use WordPress. Our specialty is building new websites because we can control all of the most important factors that give websites a pretty face AND make them smart enough to be friends with Google.

Chances are, if you need ‘a bunch of stuff changed’ because your site ‘hasn’t been updated in a couple of years’ – you’re probably better off investing in a brand new website – both from a cost perspective and a value perspective.

Because that’s generally all the average business needs, especially to get started. Yes, sometimes if you’ve got a larger business or an e-commerce site, more pages can be necessary, but for many businesses, we can fit in all of the components you want while keeping the navigation simple and the user experience more engaging. Some folks tend to think you need a page for everything – testimonials, photo galleries, random extras. We think most of that stuff can be showcased better with a dynamic design that engages users and creates a more seamless experience.

But of course, we can build a website with as many pages as you want, it’ll just cost a little extra.

If I already have hosting and a domain, can you just build my website?

Well, not really. Think of your website like a house. Would you build a million dollar house on unstable soil or would you spend a little extra to get the foundation right first?

If you use Panthur in Australia or Dreamhost in the USA, then YES, I can ‘just’ build your website. But if you use GoDaddy, Crazy Domains or any other sketchy hosts, I’ll require you to change providers to move forward with a web design project. Sounds harsh, but it creates too many problems to build a website through a host I don’t know, or worse, a host I don’t trust. Sorry! That’s just some tough love right there.

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