the Ogdensburg Project

What is the Ogdensburg Project? Uhm, it’s AWESOME.

Technically: the Ogdensburg Project is a series of grassroots initiatives intended to help revitalize Ogdensburg’s CBD and to help establish a thriving tourism sector to fuel local growth and development.

In Real Life: We try to make Ogdensburg a better place by bringing people together to support their local businesses to help sustain a healthy and happy lifestyle. We use online resources aimed at promoting tourism and small businesses and boots on the ground event planning aimed at bringing the community together – plus all kinds of stuff in between!

At the end of the day, this project is about bringing a community together to make the Burg a better place to live, work & play. It’s an effort to bridge the gap between a town that’s merely surviving and a community that’s built for thriving.

What About Your Town? Contact us about building a website for your town. We can work with your Chamber of Commerce or another branch of your local community resources.

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the Ogdensburg Project Highlights
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tOP City Cleanup

Nothing like boots on the ground! Part of tOP included a city cleanup complete with legendary volunteers – kids and adults! – and a whole lot of generous donations from local businesses + the city even got involved to help us dispose of the waste collected. The cleanup was organized in less than 3 weeks and took place in May 2018.

The basis of the project is an SEO-driven website designed to show tourists and locals alike just what Ogdensburg has to offer: things to do, places to stay, where to eat, local shopping & events. With a local business directory and unique event calendar, it’s a hub for tourists near and far.

Social Participation

Since the Ogdensburg Project came to life in April 2018, more than 900 members have joined the Facebook group to share their input, feedback and insight. It’s been a pretty awesome thing to see so many people coming together to make a change in their community.