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Owned and operated by Tif Amo, Komodo Media is a small web design company specializing in creative web design, original content writing and search engine optimization services, including social media management and ongoing web development.

Hi, I'm Tif Amo

i like to do cool stuff, help good people, and live creatively

Web-Relevant Details About Me

I have a journalism degree from the University of Florida (orange & blue – go Gators!) and I learned web design the nerdy way more than a decade ago. Now, I harness the powers of WordPress and some very innovative technology to create websites that are user-friendly on the front and back end, that are BEAUTIFUL and unique, and that meet all of the modern standards necessary to perform well on the internet today  – from fast load speeds to mobile friendly layouts.

HTML and CSS are familiar languages, but I am NOT a hardcore coder nor graphic designer. No javascript, no photoshop. I just like a good, clean design that gets the job done online – which is why it’s super important to me that every client I work with is a good fit for my style. There are things I don’t and won’t do, but if we’re a match, it’ll be true love.

I get to work everyday doing something I love whilst helping other people pursue their own passions, and that’s pretty cool.


I’m a small town human from Ogdensburg, New York. Margaret River, Western Australia is my second home, but I wander. I’m that person who sold all my possessions and travelled the world with a single suitcase for more than 2 years. I’ve lived in an RV, built a home from the ground up and am currently trying my hand at renovating a zombie property. (By I – I mean myself & my Aussie husband!) I’m a foster home for doggies who need forever homes. I like yoga & snowboarding. I adore every kind of lizard and reptilian creature. I am also that person who treats spiders like roommates unless they’re so unruly that I have to catch & release them. Aaaand basically I just like helping cool people do cool things that make them happy and benefit the world around them.

About Komodo Media

Komodo Media was first established in 2015 in Eagle, Colorado, USA. The business (run from an RV at the time!) moved to St. Petersburg, Florida and then took a long trip around the world and was officially registered for businesses in Margaret River, Western Australia in December 2017. In 2019, Komodo Media became an official business in the state of New York where I am currently based.

Komodo Media is a Women Business Enterprise (WBE), as certified by the State of New York.

Komodo Media Websites

All of the websites I build are inspired by the needs and preferences of the clients I collaborate with. For clients who are a good fit for my design approach, WordPress is the ONLY CMS platform I use for new builds, and I have a strict list of third-party providers who I partner with for everything from domain registration and hosting to theme and plugin licensing. I’ve spent years figuring out what works best for me as a designer and for my clients as real people in order to create the best web design collaborations possible.

Currently Based in St. Lawrence County, New York

Though Komodo Media is currently based in Northern New York, I have had many deep roots in small corners around the globe, including Ogdensburg, New York, Lake Placid, New York, St. Petersburg, Florida, Denver, Colorado and Margaret River, Western Australia. So while I provide remote services to anyone, anywhere, I still understand the importance for every website to have that local touch.