the Margaret River Yoga & Wellness Project

What is the Margaret River Yoga & Wellness Project?

The Margaret River Yoga & Wellness Calendar and Directory project is an online initiative designed to bridge the gap between yoga instructors and yoga students: We want to make it easier for yoga teachers to connect with locals and visitors. In a community and region with ample yoga practices, students were still struggling to find the classes that would suit their abilities, preferences and most importantly, their schedules. This calendar is the answer.

We Need Help!

Do you want to help grow the yoga & wellness resources in the southwest region? We need FUNDING & MARKETING. Just like every other Komodo Media Project, this one is personally funded with my own time and money, but I need help to keep it going!

TEACHERS: You can help by adding your classes to the calendar and getting listed in the directory!

STUDENTS: Spread the word about our calendar and let teachers know how you found their classes.

GOOD HUMANS: Help us source grants, donate directly, offer your marketing hookups, or buy a directory listing for your favorite yoga teacher!

What About Your Town? Contact us about building a website for your town’s yoga or fitness needs. We can work with your Chamber of Commerce or another branch of your local community resources or do something completely grassroots.

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Connecting Yoga Students & Teachers in the Southwest

MRYW Project Features

Yoga & Wellness Class Calendar

This calendar offers several views and filters to suit a range of users needs – both on a computer and a mobile device. The intention is to help students find the classes most suited to their schedules and abilities.

DIY Class Submissions

The calendar allows instructors to add their class schedules at their convenience. This is a supply and demand feature that is still in development.

Yoga & Wellness Directory

The yoga & fitness directory shares the contact details and pertinent information about local practices and facilities available in the Margaret River region, including surrounding areas of Dunsborough and Augusta.