Events & Occasions

Web Design for Events & Occasions


We can create beautiful and functional event calendars that you and your staff can easily manage. Our calendars can be filtered, sell tickets, provide directions and more.


We can create an event website that basically updates itself with live social media feeds and featured posts. Work smarter, not harder when it comes to keeping your event website updated!


We’re fast because we’re good. If you need a website, yesterday, we can help you get it up and running so that you can start promoting your event.

(Ogdensburg Web Design: Seaway Festival website – more details coming soon!)

Festivals, Fundraisers & More.

No matter the occasion, Komodo Media can help create a website that will command attention and demand action! Special packages & pricing available for wedding web design!

Create Hype & Organization

Komodo Media can help you create buzz for your upcoming event & manage the information you share in one place by giving you a functional, memorable website, FAST.

Non-Profits & Good Causes

Non-Profit Web Design Features


Get a donate button setup on your website to collect donations and contributions through PayPal or Stripe.


Recognize your sponsors, donors and contributors with special logo display sections to show your gratitude.


Attract more volunteers with easy sign-up forms, more calls to action, special menu buttons, an extra page – whatever you need to get the message out.

Do Good. Have a Good Website.

Komodo Media likes people who like to do good things for other people. We like people who spread positivity in the world so we help non-profits spread their messages online. If you’re a non-profit and you need to get support for a good cause, we can help you. Having a welcoming and user-friendly website that allows your visitors to easily find the information they need is critical.

We can build a website for your non-profit that makes it easy for folks to donate to your cause, sign up for volunteer activities, purchase merchandise and other products to help fundraise, and generally learn about your organization.

From the Heart.

We understand that non-profit budgets can be tight. We also know that timelines can be critical due to both funding and logistical requirements. To help non-profit organizations meet requirements and standards, we offer flexible payment plans and pricing options that minimize the monetary obstacles so we can focus on getting your website designed and launched on time.

Artists & Creatives

Web Design for Artists, Photographers & Creatives


Get a portfolio layout that shows off every aspect of your work, that YOU can update regularly – and easily.


Create a visual display of your talent with dynamic image galleries and slideshows that can show off your favorite works.


Get live social media feeds that can automatically display your social media updates on your website in a unique and engaging display.

Share Your Creativity.

Art is beautiful. It deserves to be shared. Whatever form it comes in, from photography, to music to painting to writing – we can help you get your creativity out there for the world to see.

Get Noticed.

Sharing outstanding work on a mediocre platform is like selling a pack of eco friendly straws wrapped in plastic. Be true to your work and get a website that represents your quality and style.

Startups & New Businesses

Web Design Features for Startups & New Businesses


We can help you choose the right domain name, identify your website goals, and help you determine which web design path is right for your needs.


Get a professional setup so that you can start communicating like a bonafide business owner.


Integrate Google analytics to help you better strategize your digital marketing efforts and see how your site performs.

Launch your business.

In 2019, launching a business means launching a website too. User friendly, mobile friendly, Google-friendly. We’ve got you covered.

Do it right the first time.

No crappy ads or free website builder logos. You control your brand. You’ll also get a buildout that is designed to grow your business and grow with it.

Established Businesses

Websites for Established Businesses


If you have an existing site that can’t be used on mobile phones and tablets, but you’re happy with your content, we can covert your existing layout into modern website.


Refresh outdated text & images to realign your message with your current branding. (We’ll actually re-write content for any website as an individual service!)


Komodo can track relevant industry keywords to see how your rankings stack up against competitors so you can win more customers through organic searches.

Outdated existing websites

A bad website is worse than no website at all. If you have an existing website that’s embarrassing or useless, we can give you a professional, modern upgrade.

No website at all

If you’ve never had a website, we can do it right the first time. Match your brand, get on Google’s good side, appeal to your target audience, and feel good about sharing your web address.