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Helping Others Help Each Other

The Komodo Community Projects are web design passion projects that exist to help others help each other, with special consideration to my hometown(s). These projects are all grassroots efforts intended to better the communities (as a whole) where good folks live, work and play. These projects target the same areas that government resources typically tend to focus on:

> Health & Environment (Break Up with Plastic and Margaret River Yoga & Wellness in Western Australia)

> Tourism & Economy (Visit Ogdensburg, Ogdensburg Seaway Festival in Northern New York)

> Community Ethos (the Ogdensburg Project in Northern New York)

Can YOU help Komodo?

Funding and skillz are always needed and so, always welcomed & appreciated!

Funding, Skills & Ideas

We all have different strengths and abilities. For Komodo, web design is the focus here because that’s what we do best. We like to encourage others to identify their own strengths so that you can contribute within your means.

If you have the funding resources, the skillset or just some really great ideas that you are willing to contribute, contact Komodo. These projects are meant not simply to “succeed” or to “get results” – but really to inspire, motivate, encourage & generally bring people together to focus on things that can improve our communities.

Share Your Skillz & Time!

Because Many Hands Make Light Work!

If you’re like me, and you ain’t got the money honey, but you want to jump on board with one of these community projects, you can help out by donating your time & skills. Graphic design, event coordination, grant writing – it’s all important! To lend a hand, just contact Komodo. (It feels real, real good – just sayin’)

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