Komodo Media Community Web Design

Doin’ Good in my Hood(s)

The Komodo Community Projects are web design passion projects to improve some aspect in my hometown(s). They’re all grassroots efforts intended to better the communities (as a whole) where I live, work and play by focusing on the areas where I see room for improvement and where I think my skillset can help:

> Health & Environment (Break Up with Plastic and Margaret River Yoga & Wellness in Western Australia)

> Tourism & Economy (Visit Ogdensburg, Ogdensburg Seaway Festival in New York)

> Community Ethos (the Ogdensburg Project in New York)

Can YOU help Komodo?

Let’s cut to the chase:
We need funding and skillz!

Money Sucks. Whyyyyy is it necessaryyyyy?

To be honest, I didn’t waste time waiting around for the right people or agencies to put money in my pocket so that I could get started with these projects. I wanted to make a difference, NOW. All of these community projects are a work in progress and currently personally funded with plans (in action!) to monetize & make them self-sustainable.

I’m interested in sourcing grants, but that’s a lot of work in itself, and I’m just juggling my way through work, play & doin’ good in my hood without going crazy. I’m running these projects on the side, and I’m not a time traveler, so this whole money/grants thing is going kinda s …. l …. o …. w ….

If you can help me source grants or connect me with people who care about these projects and have the resources to help out, I’M ALL EARS.

Share Your Skillz & Time!

Because Many Hands Make Light Work!

If you’re like me, and you ain’t got the money honey, but you want to jump on board with one of these community projects, you can help out by donating your time & skills. I need help with graphic design, event coordination, grant writing & all kinds of random stuff. Give me a shout if you want to lend a hand. (It feels real, real good – just sayin’)

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