Break Up With Plastic Project

What is Break Up With Plastic?

The #breakupwithplastic project concept was developed during an Emergence Creative workshop in Margaret River bringing creatives together to address the plastic plague the world faces today. The goal was to brainstorm ideas for a “Plastic Free Future in Western Australia.”

Komodo Media participated in this workshop & after all was said and done, ended up taking the lead on the website development. This project is still a work (and website) in progress with much more to come. Stay tuned!

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(Margaret River Web Design)

For a Plastic Free Future in Western Australia (& the world!)

BUWP Project Features

Unique Media Presentation

Though still in development, the #breakupwithplastic website features a collection of videos & media from across the web, displayed so that users can quickly absorb the message of the campaign: Plastic is overwhelming our planet! Videos, playlists & live social media feeds are still being implemented.

User Engagement

Yet to be completed, the #breakupwithplastic website has provisions to utilize a community calendar with user submitted events, blogging sections and live streaming social media feeds to help users interact with the site and its content, thus further promoting the campaign message.

Collaboration & Community

Not yet completed, the #breakupwithplastic website has provisions for collaborative opportunities for various individuals, brands & businesses interested in participating in spreading the campaign message.